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Chula Vista Safety Tips

One of the top three safest cities in San Diego County, Chula Vista is a friendly and welcoming destination where you can feel right at home. Let's make sure you have a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience in Chula Vista as you explore the sights and attractions of our beautiful destination. Here are some helpful safety tips.

Hotel & Motel Security

  • Determine direct routes to fire escapes, elevators and telephones
  • Lock all doors and use door viewer for anyone requesting entry
  • Don't leave keys, jewelry, money, credit cards or valuables out in the open
  • Report to management any suspicious activity or missing items

Kids Safety

  • Kids should wear bright clothes so they are easy to find and have a designated meeting place if someone
    gets lost
  • In California, kids under 8 or under 4'9'' must have a child seat
  • Curfew is 10 p.m. for anyone under 18


  • Wear sun screen when outside for long periods
    of time
  • Wear helmets when biking
  • Do not make it obvious that you are a visitor
  • Stay alert to strangers around you

Vehicle Security

  • Do not advertise that you are a visitor by leaving out brochures or maps
  • Carry your wallet, purse, pocket book with you
  • Do not leave a vehicle running
  • Place shopping bags, electronic devices, suitcases, etc. in trunk of car

Chula Vista Police Department -

The Chula Vista Police Department and Chief David Bejarano are proud to serve the community of Chula Vista, ranked one of the safest cities in Southern California. Come enjoy our shopping, nightlife and outdoor recreation, but please obey the laws and drink responsibly.
To report an emergency or a crime in-progress, call 911. For non-emergency crimes/incidents please call
619-691-5151. For general inquiries, call 619-691-5137. The Chula Vista Police Department is located at
315 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910